Hello Beautiful,


You’re smart and capable. You truly believe in following your heart. And you used to be the most vibrant creative woman you know.

But along the way, things changed. 

Perhaps life just got hectic. It was hard to find “me time" to pursue your passions. Maybe you have been so busy caring for others that your own inner well ran dry. Or you experienced a disruption in your life that dampened your artistic spark. 

Whatever your story, you miss that precious fire inside that made you feel so alive. And you're ready now to get it back.

Deep down you sense a tug to return to your art, but you are not sure of your next steps. You wonder if it's even possible to find your creative flow again at your age. Or why you have this urge to express yourself. Or what you're supposed to do when all your ideas come flooding out.

I know these questions, Beautiful, because I’ve asked them too.

You don't have to figure this out alone.

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Hi, I'm Lisa Maria:

writer, artist, maker & creative coach.

I believe your artistic gifts are the key to restoring your vibrancy as a woman and reclaiming the real, essential youI also know it’s very hard to do this without a compassionate outside perspective.

The truth is: you haven’t lost your creative spark. It’s just a bit buried right now under the debris of modern life. Together, we can gently brush all that away so the fire inside you lights up once more. 

Even if it has been years since you picked up a pencil, stitched a yard or sang a note, it’s never too late to begin again. And I know because I did it myself.


"For many years, I struggled to get my story down on paper. I started trying to write a book several times but my computer crashed and I lost it all. Lisa encouraged me to start writing again. This time, it was freeing. Something was lifted. I sat down in one weekend and wrote my whole story out." 

- Kimberly Patrick, mom & entrepreneur


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"If you are a creator of anything or want to become one, I highly recommend talking with Lisa Maria. She is amazing and gives great insight to organizing and the creative process. And she was able to work with both my business brain and my creative brain. Thank you so much for your insight!"

- Crystal Mazur, writer, artist & designer


"I AM WRITING. Thanks to even just one session with Lisa Maria, I got all motivated and excited about my book all over again. I love this book!”

— RJ Conte, mom & author

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this process ...

is deeply personal, and it should be 100% authentic. 

As your coach, I am not here to tell you what you should make, or critique your art. I am here to be your listening ear and outside eye. And to offer you some time-tested wisdom tools that will help you uncover exactly where your creativity wants to go.

Because let’s be honest: this urge you feel inside? It isn’t just about getting back to your art. It’s your soul calling you to up-level into a new expression of life.

So take my hand, Beautiful. Let’s walk side by side.

You’re not alone here anymore.