I see you


always striving and pushing things forward. 

Everyone else thinks you've made it. Only you know how exhausted you really are. And no matter what you do, your dreams still feel so out of reach. 

What if you could just let go?

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hello, I ' m


writer, mystic and women's coach

I know how hard it can be to get what you want. But I have also seen exactly what happens when you find your groove!


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i believe

that as a woman, you have the power to create whatever you want in your life.  This is your divine birthright.

You have a voice. You have innate wisdom. You are sacred and feminine to the core. No matter how tired or wounded you feel right now, I promise: you have everything you need to reach your dreams.

Like the phoenix, you can rise from ashes to spread your wings. And this time, it doesn't have to feel like a fight.




i  work

with women like you: sensitive, goal oriented go-getters who are ready to realize their biggest dreams in love, business and creative expression.

Together we identify your most authentic self and invite her out to dance, so that you can step away from frustration and into a natural, easeful FLOW of success . . . the sacred, feminine way.

It's my calling and gift to help you see the Real You.

It's time for your phoenix to rise.


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I write

about the creative life, sexual healing, solo travel, sacred business and spiritual empowerment.

(In other words, real stuff inspired by my life as a world traveler, sexual trauma survivor, Twin Flame, and sister with you on this journey into sacred feminine power.)

My latest posts are always available here:


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I go

wherever I want. World travel is part of my flow!

Here are a few places I've been lately:


This all sounds great . . . but I just want ALL this and I'm not sure where to start!

That's totally okay. It's why I'm here. So let me gift you with a free session: